We challenge the status quo and co-create change. By doing so we impact brands, companies, teams and individuals to achieve their full potential.



Ecodelite is a marketing consultancy based in Stockholm. We offer strategic services, hands-on training and interim solutions. Our mission is to help brands and companies change from within by creating new strategies and help their people develop into change agents. 
 Simply put; we bring out the best in your people and brand and link it to your strategy, corporate culture and processes.

Ecodelite was founded in 2010, since then we have worked with more than 50 people and teams from different companies and organizations.


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 All our clients share one concern; they are not satisfied with their results and want to change.

We figure out what kind of things need to be changed, can be changed, how to sequence them and how to motivate people to get involved in the process themselves. 

 Ecodelite offers change in four different ways: we plan change, we train change, we lead change and we inspire change.

Workshops and Keynote Speeches

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Marketing Due Diligence

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Coaching and Training programmes

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Interim solutions

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Our Beliefs

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“If you are not moving forward you are moving backwards”

We hear it all the time within companies and at meetings. Everyone understands that if you stand still in today’s rapidly changing environment, then you will quickly become irrelevant. The ability to get ahead, much less to transform, is crucial. However, it takes change agents to lead the charge. It takes people that are dissatisfied with the status quo. We believe this is the role of marketing.

However, being a change agent is not always a fun job. It is not part of human nature to constantly challenge status quo change, especially when things are going well. People today need to have a lot of courage and skills if they are truly going to lead companies to a different place. Being a force of real change requires persistence and passion. It requires people to believe in the value of their vision.



We are an independent company with a strong network of specialists and agencies that we use to provide the best possible solutions for your unique circumstances. This is your guarantee that our advice and solutions will always be objective and with your best results in mind. If needed, we can bring the right group of external people and agencies on-board for your project. This ensures the perfect combination of cost efficiency and quality. 

Some of the trusted partners we have worked with over the past years are:



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Mattias Josander
Founder & Executive Consultant

Developing new and existing clients, interim positions, coach, strategist, course director and keynote speaker.

Mattias Josander has more than 15 years of experience from management positions at Red Bull, L’Oreal and Peak Performance Mattias Josander knows how to combine strategic thinking with pragmatic business solutions and directional coaching that creates results. Since 2010 Mattias Josander is associated to Berghs School of Communication and course director.

Contact Mattias Josander:

Email: mattias@ecodelite.com

Linkedin: Mattias Josander

Twitter: mjosander

Yazmine Nour Josander
Co-Founder & Certified NLP coach

Developing pedagogy for active learning for all training programs, NLP coach and lecturer.

Yazmine Nour Josander has experience from teaching and NLP coaching at private and public schools as well as expertise in special needs pedagogic development and Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles Model.

Contact Yazmine Nour Josander:

Email: yazmine@ecodelite.com


Phone: + 46 8 203 703
Email: info@ecodelite.com


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