Interim solutions

We provide solutions within senior leadership positions in marketing and sales. Groomed and proven in large international companies, we know how to lead and develop marketing teams that create results. Our experience from different companies means we will ‘hit the ground running’ and add value to your business from day one.

How can you make sure sales and marketing speak the same language and are better aligned? What are the gaps between sales and marketing and how do you overcome them? How can we build stronger and more profitable brands? How can we develop our marketing department’s ability to create results and improve innovation? These are typical challenges and questions that come up during senior management transitions.

Benefit from having a vacancy in your company and use our interim leadership to take your marketing to the next level before hiring a new permanent solution. Maybe your next senior marketing executive is already in your team, and the previous management just failed to identify and build on the talent?

Interim projects normally last from six to 18 months, three to four days per week, running marketing departments or sales and marketing departments reporting to the CEO, and taking an active part in management committee work.